Trinity Motorcycle Club

Trinity Methodist Church, Lisburn


Its not just about speed...

Club Trophy Winners

Trophy Donated by Ivan Gregg

Name Year Reason for Award
Billy Bruce 1999 Easter Breakfast, above and beyond the call of duty
Alan Watson 2000 Club Clothing Procurement, Now all 'badged-up'
Alan Gracey 2001 'Month of Sun Days' Program, liaison with the BBC1 Team
Kenny & Debby Gray 2002 Club Website, Creation and Maintenance
Adrian Lyttle 2003 Club Attendance - Steadfast thro' the Storms of Life!
Debby Gray 2004 Pastoral & Culinary Care...!
Bobby Beggs 2005 Old Faithful !
Richard Maze 2006 Cruzin 4 All, and Chief European Hotel booking agent!
John Magee 2007 Perseverance in the face of heavy, wet, rain...
Ian Taylor 2008 Kept the shakin' V-Strom lit through torrents
and still had time to admire God's handiwork.
Alan Watson 2009 Kept his Faith through the year of hell - Prayers were answered!
Christine Beggs 2010 For services to the Honda CBR600!
Murray Clynes 2011 For continually going above and beyond for the club, to the benefit of all