Trinity Motorcycle Club

Trinity Methodist Church, Lisburn


Its not just about speed...

Club History

Below are some of the articles and press clippings we've collected over the years, from early days of infancy to more recent times - we will add to these whenever the occasion arises. The size of each clip is given as a guidance for download times, so be patient - the bigger files may take a little longer, but will be worth it...!

Date Source Comments Size  
Mar 1995 The Light Where it all began ! 46KB
Jun 1995 The Ulster Star Wheels across the Border 26KB
Dec 1995 The Light Summer of '95 57KB
Dec 1995 The Light Bikers' Support Group ! 65KB
Feb 1996 The Ulster Star TMC get on their bikes 62KB
Dec 1995 The Light God in the mountains 58KB
Feb 1996 Irish Bike Trinity Motorcycle Club 44KB
Feb 1996 The Ulster Star Bikers service at Trinity Church 32KB
Feb 1996 Methodist Newsletter Murray Clynes reports on... 81KB
Oct 1995   Hamilton Road Church - Photo 54KB
Oct 1995 Order of Service Hamilton Road Church 42KB
Mar 1999 The Light What about TMC? 117KB
Dec 2000 The Light 2 births,2 weddings and a funeral 86KB
Jun 2001 Circuit News & Views Dungannon Church Newsletter 69KB
Jan 2002 Sunday People In Search of Pastors New 96KB
Jan 2002 The Ulster Star 'Heavenly Angels' ! 114KB
Feb 2002 Belfast Telegraph Bikers sing from same hymn sheet 29KB
Dec 2003 The Light Trinity Motorcycle Club 97KB
Sep 2004   Hamilton Road, Bangor, Order of Service 26KB
Mar 2005 The Light Trinity Motorcycle Club 29KB
Sep 2005 The Light Trinity Motorcycle Club 76KB
Sep 2006 The Light Front Cover - Trinity Motorcycle Club 45KB
Sep 2006 The Light Feature article 102KB
Mar 2007 The Light Feature article 204KB
Jun 2009 Contact Hamilton Road Bangor, Church magazine 109KB
Sep 2010 The Light Feature article 5804KB