Trinity Motorcycle Club

Trinity Methodist Church, Lisburn


Its not just about speed...

Trinity Motorcycle Club Manifesto
  • The club was created for those who love the Lord (or wish to have fellowship with those who do) and who enjoy motorcycling.

  • The club acknowledges that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ our Lord (John 14:6); the club badge reflects this.

  • The club offers companionship on motorcycle ride-outs; weekend breaks, barbecues etc. plus fellowship through worship at various churches (both north and south of the border).

  • The club chaplain will be the minister of Trinity Methodist Church. The chairperson will be a Christian who worships at Trinity (or any other church on the Lisburn & Dromore circuit). The treasurer/secretary will be a regular worshipper from any church on the Lisburn & Dromore circuit.

  • The club is open to all ages and to both male and female motorcycle enthusiasts.